Upon entering, you will be briefed via video and then directed to one of three staged crime scenes. Once on the scene, you will use your investigator’s notebook to examine the evidence and determine what you believe to be the important clues. After you complete your crime scene investigation, you will compare your clues with those of a real crime scene investigators and determine which clues need further analysis.

Then, you will proceed to the labs to investigate your findings. You will also visit the medical examiner for your autopsy report and note the important medical evidence. CSI characters and real-life experts are “working” via video in our virtual labs to explain tire track comparison, blood spatter analysis, firearms technology comparison, and much more; use the data they provide to help you examine your specific crime scene clues in the lab. You may be asked to compare tire tracks, pollen fibers, DNA, or shell casings. Finally, you will submit your report and conclusions at the end of your investigation and learn whether you have correctly solved the case.

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