The CSI Museum Las Vegas Is Awesome for Kids

Looking for some cool Las Vegas attractions for kids? One of the best is the CSI Museum. Kids and families love the immersive experience that put you right in the middle of a virtual crime scene. Explore exhibits that teach visitors all about crime scene investigation. It’s like you’re right there on the hit TV show CSI.

Awesome Fun for Kids

The CSI Museum in Vegas helps visitors understand areas of forensic science like DNA analysis, toxicology, forensic anthropology, information technology, and a lot more. The interactive exhibits offer amazing glimpses into the world of crime scene investigation.

Download the CSI Museum Family Guide to make the attraction for kids even more fun. The guide sheds new light on the exhibits in the museum, and it will test kids’ powers of observation.

Solve the Crime Like the Cast of CSI

Kids will love to tell their friends about how they made fake blood to analyze blood spatter, and learned how to identify firearms. They can also learn all about the telltale signs that fingerprints leave and also will examine their own. The CSI Museum Las Vegas is a great attraction for kids of all ages. If you love the show CSI, you’ll love the museum that takes you right behind the scenes.

CSI Museum Las Vegas Combines Learning and Fun

A great way to spend the day in Las Vegas is learning all about forensic science at the CSI Museum. It recreates the experiences on the hit TV show CSI and teaches kids and adults all about crime scene investigation. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in Las Vegas that kids will never forget.

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