Vegas Tour Ideas: 3 Things to Do at the MGM

The MGM Grand counts as one of Las Vegas’s true gems. At 170,000 square feet, this majestic hotel is the city’s biggest. Within its walls are gaming tables, exhibits, shows and more. In fact, there is so much life in this Vegas landmark it’s worth putting on your tour calendar as a destination. If you do decide that this hotel is on your must-see list, then here are three things you definitely want to see while you’re there.

Lions Are Royalty Here

Lions, lions and more lions are an MGM Grand brand staple. In light of that, when you come to visit, you’ll want to be sure to take a gander at the 100,000-pound lion statue at the hotel’s entrance. Made of bronze, this 50-ton sculpture is the largest sculpture in the United States. At one point, the casino and hotel were even home to a pride; hotel guests could watch as the lion trainers fed and trained more than 20 lions.

CSI: The Experience

This CSI-inspired exhibit gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a crime lab. If you take the CSI tour in Las Vegas, you’ll be immersed in the most fascinating aspects of forensic science, explained within the context of the popular TV show. This show is highly interactive, giving tour visitors the opportunity to become forensic investigators and to learn how to use scientific inquiry in order to solve the crimes before them. It’s also an educational exhibit created by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, which means it’s totally cool to bring your kids.

Entertainment Offerings Galore at the MGM

Let’s face it. People visit Las Vegas, in part, because they want to be entertained, and a visit to the MGM satisfies this need and then some. From the Cirque du Soleil to Bruno Mars to David Copperfield, the MGM has plenty to offer. While some of the sites on this Las Vegas tour list involve a great deal of walking, this entry gives visitors a way to wind down after a long day of looking around one of Vegas’s most famous hotels.

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