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Family Guide

Guide To Family Fun

Challenge Your Forensic Skills

Parents, be sure to download our “Family Forensics” educational guide before your visit to the CSI Museum Las Vegas. This full color brochure provides springboard topics and experiments to enjoy together. Discuss important skills that are essential to Crime Scene Investigators and add to your knowledge with additional interesting details.

  • Test your power of observation.
  • Solve logistical riddles.
  • Experiment with blood spatter, using our recipe for fake blood.
  • Learn about telltale fingerprint details and examine your own with this informative guide.

With broad appeal for many ages, this guide is excellent for expanding the learning and the fun at the CSI Museum Las Vegas.

Play The Web Adventure!

Web Adventures were developed by Rice University’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
(CTTL) with two primary educational goals:
1. Increase students’ science and health knowledge through serious games
2. Inspire science related careers through serious games
This site serves as a vehicle to distribute our grant-based game projects to engage students and assist teachers in enhancing their core curriculum.
All games and companion materials are FREE.

Analyze forensic data and test your skills in this online game. This educational experience was carefully designed by experts at Rice University to maximize student learning.

Rice University’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning developed this CSI online web adventure. The Center engages in research, development and consulting on innovative applications of advanced technology for teaching and learning in a variety of settings. The CSI Web Adventure allows those who cannot visit the exhibit in person to experience the science behind the investigations. It will also feature bonus crime-solving scenarios for museum guests who want to further explore forensic science following their visit.

Click Here to Play The Web Adventure

“…The exhibit features cutting-edge technology straight from the crime lab, challenging visitors to form their own hypotheses in order to solve a crime.”Boston Museum of Science Anticipates CSI: The Experience

“The show CSI has inspired its millions of fans to become interested in forensic science. We think the show’s connection to the exhibit will help draw many people into a high quality science learning experience.”Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

The latest chapter in the “CSI” story heads to the museum to teach adults — and older kids — about the wonders of forensic science.“Variety TV” Get ready for “CSI: Chicago.”

Show creator Anthony Zuiker tells BuddyTV: “I wanted people to feel like they took the next step from television. If TV can provide an educational medium, then we’ve done something special.”Show Creator Talks About the ‘CSI’ Experience

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