Learn How to Become a CSI in Real Life

Perhaps you’re a diligent watcher of the hit-show CSI. Perhaps you’ve even gone through the CSI Experience in Las Vegas and loved it. You may think that you have what it takes to become an official crime scene investigator. How do you get started? This article will discuss the educational and training requirements that you will need in order to get a job as a crime scene investigator.


It’s always best to start early when you want to try for a career. One of the initial requirements that a CSI possesses is a high school diploma. If you don’t have one, then you can take a few GED classes in order to properly graduate. For those parents with kids who seem interested in forensic science, you might want to sign them up for forensic science summer camps.

After high school, you should attend either a law enforcement academy or a college for a degree. Both are typically acceptable. For those who choose to attend a law enforcement academy for their education, you’ll receive in-field practice and training as a crime scene investigator. For those who want to experience university life, there are a few universities that offer a four-year BS degree with an emphasis on CSI. However, it may be prudent to try to work as a forensic scientist if you intend to go to a four-year university. This position focuses more on the lab work rather than in the collection of evidence.

Once you’ve graduated from either the academy or the university, you will need to receive a professional certification.


At long last, to work as a crime scene investigator, you need training. You have the education but now you need the experience. You can try your hand at applying to an agency directly. Otherwise, you can continue to search for internships and receive training and education that way. Another way to get a job as a crime scene investigator is to become involved with local CSI clubs and organizations.


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