Tips for Throwing a Kids’ Birthday Party at CSI

When your child is having a birthday, celebrating it at the CSI kids exhibits Las Vegas is a great idea. Kids can learn and have fun. A big bonus for you is that there will be no party mess to clean up after the tour. You could even stop by one of the nearby diners or have some ice cream after checking out the exhibit. Use these tips to make the most of a kids’ birthday party at this fun family attraction.

Choose a Character

There have been many characters on the CSI television show over the years. Chances are good that every fan of the show has a favorite. Kids who are not sure could pick one with some help from the chaperones. Some fan favorites include Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes and Catherine Willows.

Choose a Crime Scene

Getting kids to agree on a crime scene exhibit could be tricky, but you could start with one that is less graphic or easier to solve if you have younger kids. For a tween crowd, most of the kids will be savvy and comfortable enough to try any of the exhibits. You might also consider watching a CSI episode before touring the exhibit.

Add a Competitive Edge

A little competition among the kids ups the stakes for a kids’ birthday party. Consider setting up a treasure hunt of sorts or a competition. The kids could also divide into teams in order to see which team can solve the crime first. Some kids might be more interested in the science part of the CSI exhibit, while others might be more interested in detective work. Grown-ups could also join the teams to solve the crime.

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