Fun Facts About the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas hotels, the MGM Grand stands out as an icon on the busy strip. An estimated 70,000 people pass through the lobby each day, all on their way to either gamble at the hotel casino or to stay in one of its over 6,000 rooms and suites. Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about this amazing Las Vegas destination.

The MGM Casino Is the Largest in Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but the MGM is home to the city’s largest. The gaming floor is about the size of three football fields and is home to over 2,000 machines. With the amount of people staying or visiting the MGM hotel on a daily basis, the casino needs to be big enough to accommodate them all. On nights when the MGM hosts boxing matches featuring greats like Floyd Mayweather, you can expect the casino floor to be absolutely packed before and after the fight.

It’s Home to Some Unique Attractions

It’s a myth that the only thing to do in Las Vegas is gamble. Plenty of people visit Vegas to explore the city’s amazing attractions as well. The MGM offers guests plenty of non-gambling options. In addition to the aforementioned boxing matches, the hotel is home to just about every Las Vegas attraction you could think of. Take for example the CSI exhibit, which allows guests to solve fictitious crime cases inspired by the hit TV series.

A Great Time on the Vegas Strip

Whether you’re there to gamble, see a fight or just explore the unique attractions, the MGM Grand is one of the most interesting places to stay on the Las Vegas strip. The sheer size of the property ensures that there’s always something to do and see, even if you never even make it out of your hotel.


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