Meta Title: Three Las Vegas Crimes That Would Make Great TV

Meta Description: The history of Las Vegas is filled with real-life crimes that would make great TV shows. Here’s a look at three of the most notorious ones.

Meta Keywords: CSI, Hilton Fire, Steve Wynn, Philip Cline

Summary: If the writers of the TV show CSI ever run out of material, the following three true crime stories would get their creative juices flowing.

3 Las Vegas Crimes That Would Make Great TV

One of the cool things about CSI: the Expertise is the simple fact that this Las Vegas exhibit deals with real crime and real crime fighters. Most of the visitors to the exhibit know that it got its inspiration from the television show CSI and the show is, in part at least, inspired by real crimes. As it turns out, Las Vegas has seen its share of some fairly sensational crimes, which, if placed in the right author’s hands, would make great stories for the show. With that in mind, we have assembled a list of three of real-life Las Vegas crimes that would make amazing CSI episodes.

A Half-a-Mil Heist

Talk about a sweet heist. In September 1992, then 34-years-old, William John Brennan walked away from the Stardust Casino with $500 grand in cash and chips. Brennan worked at the casino at the time. Following the theft, he disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since. An arrest warrant charging him with 12 counts of felony theft has been issued for him, but he remains at large to this day.

The Hilton Arson

Philip Cline had been in his job as a busboy in the Hilton for a grand total of two days when what turned out to be a serious fire broke out in an elevator lobby near him. He alerted some of the hotel’s guests of the fire.

He further said that he tried to put the fire out by throwing a bucket of water on the flames. The fire consumed a good portion of the building, killing eight people and injuring several hundred more. Cline was originally congratulated for his actions, but fire investigators became suspicious when he made a major Freudian slip. He told the authorities he’d grabbed a trash can and filled it with fire, causing authorities to question him further on his story. Finally, he broke down and admitted to starting the fire.

In a jailhouse interview afterward, he fessed up about what really occurred. A buddy had given him a joint laced with PCP before work, warning him not to smoke the entire thing at once. Cline ignored the advice, and in his PCP-induce high, set fire to some hotel curtains, which eventually caused the giant blaze in the hotel.

The Kidnapping of Steve Wynn’s Daughter

In 1993, casino tycoon Steve Wynn got word that his daughter had been kidnapped. The kidnappers promised her safe return if Wynn would pay them $2.5 million. Wynn bargained with the kidnappers, telling them that he could only get $1.4 million from the casino’s vault that night. Wynn put the money in a bag and deposited it in a car a couple a miles away from the Las Vegas Strip as he had been instructed. Once they got their money, the kidnappers told Wynn where to find his daughter. She was found unharmed, though shaken up. The perpetrators might have gotten away with the crime had one of them been a bit more prudent. He attempted to pay for a $200,000 in cash, which made the authorities suspicious.


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